About us

About us

The Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce (LCCUK) was established in 2008 as there was a need for an organisation in the United Kingdom that would connect Lithuanian owned businesses, through various events organised to raise awareness of the good deeds done and the businesses established in United Kingdom.

LCCUK is an organisation that helps Lithuanian and United Kingdom businesses trade amongst each other and create invaluable contacts through extensive networking events. Our primary goal is to support our members and help them grow as well as to maintain exceptional business standards.

LCCUK takes pride of Lithuanian nationals who seek to establish businesses that create workplaces for thousands of people in Lithuania and the United Kingdom. Nevertheless, we tie all of the chambers in the United Kingdom together and provide widespread opportunities for both Lithuanian nationals and other businesses that form part of our organisation and membership.

LCCUK is not only a business organisation, we also take pride in our social events that are there for good causes such as our Christmas Charity Ball which raises substantial sums for various charities in Lithuania and United Kingdom. Our golf and tennis tournament is part of our summer event, where members enjoy team sports and socialise.

We seek to create a strong community with similar values and culture, that helps us all strive and reach our full potential. With first, second and third generation of Lithuanian nationals now living in the United Kingdom our members are unique, with each and one of them being very well established in their own sectors.


Meat our team:

Aiste Naujokaityte – President at the Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce

Aiste Naujokaityte has lived and studied in London from an early age, having made the move from Lithuania with her family. She started working in the real estate industry as a sales negotiator as early as 15 years of age and studied Real Estate Management at Liverpool’s John Moores University.

As a postgraduate she moved back to Vilnius, to learn more about her country and gain international experience. Within five years in Vilnius, she was responsible for international business development for international real estate franchise and worked with Latvia, Estonia, Spain, UK and many other countries. She has extensive international sales experience, overall with 10 years in real estate and 7 years working in the B2B sector. On returning to the UK, Aiste has focused on the B2B sector and establishing connections across the United Kingdom.


Diana Skolaite – Vice President at the Lithuanian Chamber of Commerce



Dovile Ileviciute – Communications Director